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, Nov 18, 2009

A Bad Experience

Things went well for us until we tried to return the Jeep. We were told there would be someone there to receive the Jeep. There was not. We called the office and were told they would be there in 10 minutes. They were not. Half hour later we called again. Another 10 minutes were promised. They did not show. Finally with a half an hour until the ship sailed they showed up to check the 7 vehicles back in. I had been standing in the hot sun where I was told to wait for just short of an hour and a half. The vehicles are older and poorly maintained. You can do better.

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, Sep 29, 2009

Bad Vehciles bad people

Rented a Jeep from them while on my honey moon. Received the vehicle the speedometer and radio did not work. Belt broke about 3 miles from my hotel. did not answer the emergency after hours number. gave me a replacement that couldn\'t be driven over 35 miles per hour. returned it, and they gave me back the original Jeep after they replaced belt. It was squeaking, still no speedometer no radio. They said they were going to give me a discount but didn\'t. Had to dispute the charge only to receive $40. would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

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, Jun 9, 2009


We rented a jeep and it took 5 minutes to start and would not go into 4 wheel drive. The second jeep was delivered on empty and stalled out every time you pick in the clutch. Was told we would not get a refund for all the trouble we had. Driver was 1 hour and 15 minutes late for the pick up.

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, Feb 27, 2009

When they screw up, you pay!

This rental company had us come to the island relying on their emails assuring us of a pick up date/time & location.
But, upon arrival their location was closed for the day and we had to take a $40 taxi to our hotel and had our first day without a car.
The company manager refused to acknowledge their mistake even after we presented a paper proving to him the agreed time & location of pick up, obviously, just to avoid reimbursing us for the taxi we had no choice but to pay (followed by a phone hang up, how professional!).
I would discourage anyone from relying on American Car Rental Aruba - you may end up without a car and paying much higher prices when you are stuck somewhere as you will have no other options.

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