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Amazonia Churrascaria

, Oct 20, 2010

Good food and good service

This place looks good is cozy and always full. The service was very good and attent. The saladbar was also very good but the meat was good because the best meat hardly came to the table. Here you can eat as much as you want and you can visit the salad bar as many times as you like. The thing is that the good meat (the best meat)does not come that often as we would like. They passed only once and everytime you receive 2 small slices. The steak, chicken and pork were good but not whow.

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Coffee House

, Oct 20, 2010

Good and bad

We went to try the coffees. The place looks nice and cozy. The caramel frappuccino was very good but the Blue mountain coffee was very bad. It had no creme and tasted like water. The cappuccino was ok but much better was expected. This brand is well known and one of the best available so better was expected.

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Buy for Less Auto Parts

, Oct 20, 2010

Good service

This company gives good service. They install windshields very professional and they ordered it directly for me. I can recommend this company to anyone.

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