Aruba Airlines


Cumana 69, Oranjestad

(297) 583-8300

(297) 588-5002

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, Sep 11, 2013

Worst ever airline experience in 25 years of travelling

Tried to fly back to Punto Fijo (Venezuela) two weeks ago with my family. I called the Tiara airport office in the morning to confirm the flight after I saw a 4 hours flight delay on their website (from what iI have experienced with Thiara and heard flight delays are the rule rather than the exception). Once at the airport we saw that the flight was actually cancelled, together with the same flight the day before, a flight to Fort Lauderdale etc. So the next 8 hours with two elderly (> 80 years) and with the Tiara team was:
- absolute chaos
- no information at all from the airline about whether and how we could travel on...
- Ca. 400 stranded travellers all over time ending up at the Tiara airport office
- An absolutely incapable, unfriendly and rude staff (managers like Ivan Trump would''t even collect the garbage in my country)
- After 8 hours finally ending up at a hotel with dinner for a 5 hour overnight stay to finally being flown out 07.00am the next morning!

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