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, Jan 31, 2011

Awful--and manager tried to tell us it was good

Ate there last week while on a 4-day vacation. Thought it would be an easy, safe lunch choice. Husband ordered chicken fingers. When they arrived, we took one look at them--one of the pieces was totally discolored--almost white looking, and oddly limp. But being a good sport he tasted one of the other pieces. He said it was inedible. So he ordered a different meal. The manager came over and told us that this is what their chicken was always like and it was just fine. No way!!!
I had the sirloin salad. It was ok, but I asked for dressing on the side. What I got was dressing on the salad AND on the side. ooookaaaay. Chalk that up to cultural differences. It tasted ok, not great. But 3 hours later I was horribly ill.
Never Again!

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