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L.G. Smith Boulevard 142

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, Mar 13, 2022

Avoid at ALL COSTS

This is not a real Hertz location - it's a bunch of local scam artists with a Hertz logo slapped on the side. Avoid at ALL COSTS.
1. SCAM #1 - They do not recognize Hertz loyalty programs, so all the features you normally would have (no fee added driver, car upgrades, respect of reservations, etc.) is non-existent and you will be charged extra fees for anything and everything.
2. SCAM #2 - They do not recognize any US insurance, INCLUDING from major credit cards. So you are forced to purchase their insurance for hundreds of dollars on top of the rental fees.
3. SCAM #3 - IF your reservation is honored (not a guarantee, by any means) they will tell you it's another hour to get your car - unless you want to take a larger car, for a fee of course.
4. SCAM #4 - The cars are all terrible condition and would not pass a basic inspection in the US. We were left stranded TWICE by a battery that needed to be replaced, which they would have charged me for had I not had THEIR insurance.
Additionally, the tires are basically bald, the suspension and brakes were terrible, etc. etc. etc.
TL;DR - avoid this place at all costs and just take taxis. You'll save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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