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, Aug 15, 2013

Fun but a scam

I rented the atv/dune buggy with four seats.. Upon paying 200 for the day there is an extra 300 hold on your card if things break ... Both front tires were bald and had multiple (12) plugs in them and the rear tire was plugged in the sidewall... I got a flat tire and I will say they were there in 25 min in the desert with 2 new ones that should've been there in the first place ... And also the buggy would stall every time you let off the gas very unsafe for the street no mirrors no horn no blinkers .... Good thing I'm a mechanic because the makeshift axle broke and I had to repair it in the scorching sun ... When I get the off roat vehicle back at the end of the day there were a few thorns in the new tires which the owner claims is now " destroyed" even though it holds air and looks brand new unlike the original tires when I rented it... He then promptly charges me 100 dollars for this illegedly junk tire ??? Never again ... Stay away from these guys

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, May 28, 2013

One of my 2 top adventures in Aruba

We rented 7 quads for the day (8hrs) without a tour guide. We had a reservation and arrived at 8am when they opened but they were not prepared for us. They brought all the ATVs to the front and filled each gas tank...we wasted about 1 hour. Once we hit the road, the adventure was so much fun. You get dirty, you get dust in your eyes, but it's such an amazing way to see Aruba. When picking out your ATV be sure to check the tires, we had no casualties, however, several tires were bald. The helmets are nasty and grungy so we fixed that by putting a scarf between our head and the helmet. Without good tires you get poor traction if you ride on the beach...we had 2 quads stuck in the sand, but once we got them out we just didnt ride in the sand anymore. Big fun.

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