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, May 15, 2020

SIM card issue

Experiencing some issues since a couple of days with the customer care. Setar has been providing multiple information for over three days and up to today, no solution has been provided to the issue. Shame, a company with a want to have monopoly, focusing on making revenue without providing the proper customer service. It is a company with a cheap slogan, 'Setar, di bo tambe', 'Setar, yours as well', that already showcase the lack of creativity, strategy and marketing.

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, May 27, 2013

Bad performance and too expensive

Setar is far too expensive with their all rates and pricing
of phones/packages whjle their service and performance is far below average and sometimes very poor which will certainly be a reason for their customers to go to the competition.Lack of service and arrogant personel is more standard than exception.

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