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Jay's Car rental

, Feb 3, 2022

Worst company ever

We rent a car at Jay's car rental Aruba. Before we arrived at the rental company we had contact with them by Whatsapp wich already didn't go to smooth. We arranged a pickup at our Airbnb @ 9:00… they picked us up @ 11:00.
We tried to contact them by phone, but de conversation was kind of rude, they said they were busy and that we had to be glad we were able to rent a car in this season. This they were continuously using as an excuse.
We had to sign the papers before seeing and getting the car. The car was absolutely not like there advertisement on the website and the car promised to us.The car looked at least like a 10+ years old car. The gear was not working good, hard to move to the right acceleration. The seat belts were paralysed, and the windows of the front seat where blinded so we couldn't see anything in the evening.
When we went back to complain after a few days of use, they treat us letterly like shit.
The manager/owner told us that the car was just 2 years old and asked us how old we were? He told us also that we look 10 yrs older, like the car. After that the manager screamed to us “get the fuck out of here" if we are not happy. We told him that he could just talk to us in stead of screaming and we should look for a solution together. The lady at the reception was embarrassed off what happened, she said she was sorry for us what happened. Eventually we got another car, still the same but little better shape. But we were absolutely not amused about the communication and service over there. It has been the most impolite service we ever had. We would never rent a car there anymore and don't recommend it to anyone.

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