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Sean Jewelers

, Jun 7, 2022


My Wife & I spent ALOT of money with Sean at Sean Jewelers during the 1st few days of our stay in Aruba. We went back towards the end of our trip & spent even more money & Sean entrusted us with the last few pieces of jewelry we bought, that we were to pay him for upon our return to the states & moving some money around to pay the balance owed.
Upon arriving home, we noticed some strange things about the last few pieces we bought. They are/were as follows:
-(3) of the diamonds fell out of the $7,000 bracelet & could hear 4th diamond rattling around inside one of the beads that 1 of the 3 diamonds that had fallen out.
-The $6,500 diamond ring we purchased snapped in two do to poor craftsman ship on yet another piece of preowned jewelry that had apparently not had enough gold poured into the band which caused it to fail.
-(3) Gold/Diamond Bangle Bracelets for $4,200 that one ended up breaking before we left. Sean Jewelers did take it back & fix it before our departure, however upon returning to the states it broke yet again along with another of the bangles breaking. Also, the gold/rodium/or whatever they're using to make white gold bracelets was wearing off (See Pic).
We took all of the Jewelry we had purchased to our local jeweler for the purpose of having it appraised & fixed. Sean, the owner, had offered to fix it via sending it to a Jewelry shop in New York City addressed to a person named "Pinky". That sounded extremely suspect to my Wife & I so, we chose to go to our local jeweler for the repairs.
Upon getting the results of the appraisals & the repairs, we were told that the bracelet was preowned, the diamond ring was random bits of gold smelted together (this is why the ring snapped), & the bangles actually had dipped gold rubbing off of them. This whole process of getting the items fixed & appraised took a couple of months. We certainly DID NOT send Sean Jewelers a dime due to the suspicions of the jewelry being sold fraudulently.
Sean of Sean Jewelers contacted us repeatedly wanting his owed money. We had every intention of paying until the red flags went up. Almost simultaneously receiving the repaired jewelry & assessments from the local jeweler, Sean threatened us with legal action to which I responded with the local jewelers comments & asked how to handle shipping the jewelry back & how we was going to compensate us for the cost of jewelry repairs & insured shipping that totaled $775.26.
Sean replied that our jewelers were lying, they were his competition, etc. He did agree to refund the repair & insured shipping cost money of $775.26 & still has yet to do so. I don't expect him to send me the money. Obviously, if he's selling used, preowned, & smelted together old jewelry, he's definitely not going to do right by me. Lesson learned on our part. It was a $775.26 lesson but, I'm grate full it didn't end up being the $17,700 lesson he had charged us.
The bottom line in all of this is BUYER BEWARE!!! If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. My Parents have been doing business with this man for the past 20+ years & now they have since taken all of the jewelry purchased from Sean Jewelers in Aruba to their local jewelers to have assessments done. Very sad.
I always thought it was funny that they were constantly trying to serve me alcoholic beverages one after another. Unfortunately for them, I don't drink. Hopefully this review will help someone not to fall into the same trap we did. Cheers.

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Fun 4 Every 1 Watersports Aruba

, Apr 6, 2022

Unsafe - don't use!

Employees not trained to handle injuries or emergencies. STAY AWAY!

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Aruba Fantasy Tours

, Apr 5, 2022

Great way to see the island!

Michaelangelo was great! He was knowledgeable, personable, fun, and respectful. I enjoyed his tour and the patter, and felt that he was fully engaged. He has a demeanor that felt like he was showing us around his home, but at the same time he had just enough snark so it didn't feel like he was selling it to us. He was engaging to the group of us who ranged in age from 6 to 60.
The air-conditioned small bus was perfect. It was sheltered from the sun and dust unlike the ATVs or buggies or 4WD open-air Jeep-like vehicles. It allowed us to take stuff with us in case we wanted to wade or swim at Baby Beach at the end, but not have to worry that we would lose it over the course of the day. At the same time, we felt that we had access to him to ask questions and get personal answers.
I was very pleased with the full-island tour.

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Hertz Car Rental

, Mar 13, 2022

Avoid at ALL COSTS

This is not a real Hertz location - it's a bunch of local scam artists with a Hertz logo slapped on the side. Avoid at ALL COSTS.
1. SCAM #1 - They do not recognize Hertz loyalty programs, so all the features you normally would have (no fee added driver, car upgrades, respect of reservations, etc.) is non-existent and you will be charged extra fees for anything and everything.
2. SCAM #2 - They do not recognize any US insurance, INCLUDING from major credit cards. So you are forced to purchase their insurance for hundreds of dollars on top of the rental fees.
3. SCAM #3 - IF your reservation is honored (not a guarantee, by any means) they will tell you it's another hour to get your car - unless you want to take a larger car, for a fee of course.
4. SCAM #4 - The cars are all terrible condition and would not pass a basic inspection in the US. We were left stranded TWICE by a battery that needed to be replaced, which they would have charged me for had I not had THEIR insurance.
Additionally, the tires are basically bald, the suspension and brakes were terrible, etc. etc. etc.
TL;DR - avoid this place at all costs and just take taxis. You'll save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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Jay's Car rental

, Feb 3, 2022

Worst company ever

We rent a car at Jay's car rental Aruba. Before we arrived at the rental company we had contact with them by Whatsapp wich already didn't go to smooth. We arranged a pickup at our Airbnb @ 9:00… they picked us up @ 11:00.
We tried to contact them by phone, but de conversation was kind of rude, they said they were busy and that we had to be glad we were able to rent a car in this season. This they were continuously using as an excuse.
We had to sign the papers before seeing and getting the car. The car was absolutely not like there advertisement on the website and the car promised to us.The car looked at least like a 10+ years old car. The gear was not working good, hard to move to the right acceleration. The seat belts were paralysed, and the windows of the front seat where blinded so we couldn't see anything in the evening.
When we went back to complain after a few days of use, they treat us letterly like shit.
The manager/owner told us that the car was just 2 years old and asked us how old we were? He told us also that we look 10 yrs older, like the car. After that the manager screamed to us “get the fuck out of here" if we are not happy. We told him that he could just talk to us in stead of screaming and we should look for a solution together. The lady at the reception was embarrassed off what happened, she said she was sorry for us what happened. Eventually we got another car, still the same but little better shape. But we were absolutely not amused about the communication and service over there. It has been the most impolite service we ever had. We would never rent a car there anymore and don't recommend it to anyone.

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Sixt Rent a Car - Aruba

, Dec 7, 2021


Rented a car from Sixt and it had all kinds of noises but never broke down. We returned it and though there was some sand on the floor after visiting several beaches, there certainly was not a lot of sand. We were charged a dirty car fee which was ridiculous,. We challenged the fee through our credit card company and we won. Never will rent from this company again.

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